2017 Workshop: Betty Huang, owner of Studio B Art Gallery located in downtown Easton, Maryland, is preparing for two weeks of world-class workshops in Lake Como, Italy from September 23 through October 7. September 23-30, 2017 will feature Plein Air Easton award-winner Sara Linda Polly leading a group of artists in her plein air stylings. Then, from September 30-October 7, Hai-Ou Hou will bring students through her plein air studies in picturesque Lake Como, Italy.

Studio B Art Gallery, located at 7 Goldsborough Street in downtown Easton, Maryland, is one of the Eastern Shore’s premier art spaces representing world-renowned painters and sculptors in an intimate setting. Owner Betty Huang is an internationally-revered artist, teacher, and businesswoman. Studio B Art Gallery is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday throughout the year, as well as by appointment.