Studio B Art Gallery offers work from internationally-acclaimed artists in an intimate setting.

Studio B Art Gallery hand picks nationally-award-winning artists to adorn the walls and shelves throughout its space. From grand-prize-winners of Plein Air Easton to artists serially featured in national arts magazines and competitions, you’re sure to find something you love in Studio B’s boutique, intimate space.


A figurative artist based in Maryland, Rick Casali’s work expresses his appreciation for nature and his love of the figure. Whether painting one’s portrait in oils or sculpting the figure in clay, Casali keeps his artistic principles streamlined: “It is the honest study of nature that leads one to beauty,” says Casali. “I’m striving to capture the essence of what is happening…a certain color harmony in the landscape or the spirit of a person in the portrait.”

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Hiu Lai Chong is an oil painter who uses vivid colors and sensitive brushstrokes to express mood and feeling in her subjects. Her paintings have won numerous awards. In 2012, Hiu Lai received the Grand Prize and Artist’s Choice Award at Plein Air Easton, Maryland. She was featured in the November issue of Plein Air Magazine by Editor-in-Chief Steve Doherty.

Hiu Lai Chong has been featured in articles in Plein Air Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, Southwest Art, Elan Magazine, HillRag and was included in the 100 Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic book.

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Bernard earned a bachelors degree in finance from Kings College in Wilkes-Barre, PA but always had a passion for art. He studied drawing and painting at the Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia and has taken several workshops with nationally recognized artists. He has been a member of the prestigious Washington Society of Landscape Painters since 2003 and currently serves as President. He exhibits and has won awards through several venues, teaches painting workshops and has juried local art competitions.

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Ken DeWaard finds himself painting an array of subject matter from everyday life. The feelings Ken evokes in his paintings are due in part to the excitement and passion he feels while capturing the fleeting effects of light, or the wonderful color nuances and harmonies presented by nature and all of her beauty. Ken has won the coveted Artists’ Choice award and Best of Show in many plein air competitions around the country.

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A well-respected and award-winning artist, Betty is also the owner of Studio B Art Gallery. Betty’s artwork is collected by clients worldwide, currently appearing in private collections on at least four continents. Inspired by her own travels, Betty consistently uses elements from around the world in her work, organizing classes in cities and communities spanning the globe on her quest to enhance the arts community.

In addition to her own endeavors, Betty is also the President of the Working Artists Forum, a member of the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society, in addition to many community causes around the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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Qiang Huang is an award winning  still life and plein air oil painter based in Austin, Texas. His paintings are known for their incredible accuracy and expressive brush strokes. Qiang is a daily painter whose work and painting blogs are followed by thousands of artists. He is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America, and the winner of the First Place Award at the 2018 Plein Air Easton Quick Draw.

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Charles is a representational painter. He seeks to capture an experience or sensation in his artwork, so that the painting is felt. Painting on site, en plein air (outdoors), he strives to understand the effects of light and the moods and emotions it evokes from his surroundings. Many of his works are done alla prima, which means wet into wet, mostly completed in one session in order to achieve a fresh and harmonious representation of light.

The subject matter of his paintings ranges from overlooked industrial neighborhoods to the privacy of the home. Whether painting a landscape, an interior, or a still life, he strives to express the integrity of his personal touch, as he bears witness to the moment and changing conditions of his surroundings. Translating these elements onto the surface makes the painting process both challenging and exciting.
Charles has received numerous awards from Plein Air Festivals along the east coast, and was featured in the Aug/Sept 2018 issue of Plein Air Magazine, and in Southwest Art Magazine for the “Five Artists to Watch”.
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Daniel Robbins grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and always wanted to create art.  During grades 4-8 he was enrolled in the Old Donation Center for the Gifted and Talented, and in high school he continued his study of art at the Governor’s School for the Arts.  He moved to Richmond, VA to study in the Communication Arts department at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), which is ranked as one of the top art schools in the country. Among his many achievements, he was the winner of the 2021 Plein Air Easton competition.

“I study the constantly evolving relationship between the natural and the manmade. I present subjects that are ordinary and commonly overlooked with a curious eye. Because I paint from life, I respond honestly and directly to the subject in its environment.”

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Master Jove Wang is a highly sought after world-renowned artist, award-winning plein air painter, professor, and author whose career spans more than three decades. During his impressive career, he has received exceptional recognition and won numerous awards.

Master Jove Wang won three awards in two competitions with the American Impressionist Society. In the 22nd Annual National Juried Exhibition (judged by C.W. Mundy, AISM), he won the Best of Show Award and the Artist’s Choice Award for his painting “The Man who Herded the Hairy Cow.” In the American Impressionist Society 2021 All Member Online Exhibition (judged by Dan Beck, AISM), he won the Best of Show Award for his painting “Woman Milking in Mongolia.”

Master Jove Wang’s theory in creating is that “a work of art just have soul.” Jove’s paintings are a visual accumulation of experience and artistic integration that create a powerful and emotional visual effect that reflects the soul of what he paints, whether it is a character, a landscape, or a still life. His spirit of freehand expression based on realism has achieved a level of mastery sought by many.

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