July 11-15, 2022, Studio B Art Gallery was honored to host a special Plein Air Workshop with Master Jove Wang. The workshop offered a rare opportunity to interact with the master painter right in Easton and picturesque locations around Talbot County. Jove instructed the immersive, weeklong workshop during the same week that he was recognized for his work as juror for Plein Air Easton 2022. Jove will be the judge of Plein Air Easton 2023.

Below are some of the remarks and reviews from workshop attendees. We appreciate their kind words and look forward to the next workshop!

Thank you for organizing such a fantastic workshop last week with master Jove Wang.

It was nice to meet you and Eddy, and so many wonderful people.

Opportunities to learn from such talented and accomplished artists (you included) are rare.

Jove Wang is a huge talent and national treasure. I appreciated getting to see, and be inspired by, his amazing expressive paintings in the Studio B gallery.   It was an honor to have had his guidance and counsel through the week. The painting  demonstrations were mesmerizing.

I learned so much it will take time to process. I plan to take his advice and comments to heart and practice.

Thank you! Have a great Plein Air week.

-Lisa Freeman

I recently attended a 5-day plein air workshop with Master Jove Wang, which took place in Easton, Tilghman Island, St Michaels and Royal Oak, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My original aim was simple: to learn to paint more loosely. I ended up with so much more than I expected.
By the end of the week I experienced a significant transformation, both in my creative process and the artwork I was producing. Master Jove Wang taught us about the importance of the design and the vision we have for each painting; not just the composition, but what we want to express in our artwork. We learned about his initial approach, his color palette and his process of layering paint.  In addition, we had the privilege of watching 3 demos in various locations. During the critique on the last day, it was very clear that all of us had seen a big change in our artwork over the 5 days.
In addition to my appreciation for Jove Wang’s teaching, a big thank you also goes to Betty Huang for organizing the workshop. We had some wonderful locations to paint in and it was fun to be part of the group of artists that studied with him.
The best workshop experience ever!

Thank you Betty for such a well organized, enriching workshop.  No detail was left out, from supplies and lodgings to incredible painting locations.  Of course it doesn’t get any better than Easton and it’s neighboring St. Michaels, Tilghman Island and Oxford for places to paint Plein Air.What a privilege to study with Master Jove and to see him paint.  So warm, approachable and encouraging, with clear instruction for a beginner to plein air painting.  Feeling so much more confident now and looking forward to more workshops with you and Jove.

My best to you Betty and many thanks again for a wonderful week with like minded new friends.

-Sharon Waters


It was a wonderful workshop led by Master Jove Wang. It felt like such a unique experience to be guided by one of the great painters of our time. The program was put very well together with a variety of locations. I welcomed it personally, because I prefer either the landscape or the waterfront as  background for painting rather than city lives. In particular, the sessions where Master Wang explained about the composition of his painting, how to choose the objects with different values and how to let go of the details was very useful. Also I enjoyed hearing about the composition of the lines, dots and brush strokes and the unity of all elements in the painting. It is not easy to replicate his style of painting, particularly when it becomes very abstract, but I understand the methodology behind it, and it gives energy and a beautiful visual image.

I would love to join another painting class with Master Wang. Thank you for organizing it so well and in such an interesting way, Betty. Every day was a joy.
I recently attended Master Jove Wang’s Easton, Md five-day workshop hosted by Studio B Gallery, and its owners, Betty and Eddie Huang.  Throughout the workshop he delved deeply into design and other painting elements, all backing concepts specific to his way of seeing and painting. He challenged all of us to proceed outside of personal painting norms, all the while creating a safe environment for learning.  Our group, from beginner to advanced, gelled quickly due to Master Wang’s dynamism.  He addressed painting elements important for unity and variety, steering all to see the most complicated of scenes and contrasts as thrilling to attempt.  Each day he built upon academic instruction leading us through spontaneity and structure in painting.  He regarded beginners as individuals with cleaner slates, and was eager to pass his knowledge on to them in a structured manner.  His goal was for a change in our paintings based on our expressed feelings and desires. He detected our issues and completed paintings alla prima for our benefit, an artists’ artist not afraid to challenge his own skills.  He made each of us part of his teaching process which speaks highly of his professionalism and regard for all.  I found it amazing to watch his brushstrokes in the demos, delivered with a vitality all his own, each becoming a living part of the painting. His paintings beckon you to live in them, to see more, to feel more, and to dream more, especially after you have spent time with Master Wang.   Studio B and Master Wang coordinated planning for a thoughtful, seamless, and exciting learning experience.  Master Artist Jove Wang expressed his feeling that we all “Got It” near the end of our workshop and for some of us, if not all of us, that was a huge step down a new path in our painting journey.  His passion for his artistry has become part of our own concepts now, he created change in our heads and hearts on how paintings live, and now we need more in our own paintings. I highly encourage anyone to engage as possible with this Master, I know first hand that he will help you find your  “Chi”  for painting and will leave you thinking deeply about what you are creating in your art.

-Patricia Wright